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Reading Vision offers a variety of services and products to help your child or students become successful readers. We can work with students individually, train individual teachers, train all teachers at a school, or even train an entire school district. We can offer these services either in person or via Skype, FaceTime, or AnyMeeting. Please watch for upcoming webinars that will provide you with more information about our program.

Reading Vision will provide three, one-hour sessions with you and your child, either in person or via the computer through Skype or FaceTime. We will also answer your questions via phone or email. For information about our new book, DYSLEXIA SOLVED, A Guide to the Reading Vision System, go to www.dyslexiasolved.com

  • Reading Vision Complete Training $550

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First Session - Evaluation

During the first session we will evaluate your child to determine his reading difficulties and to provide us with information that will be helpful to the correction of his reading problems. We will introduce the eye strengthening exercise known as Penny Power® and provide support for the success of this exercise.

Second Session - Development

During the second session we will teach your child the reading method. This session will only be held once the child can successfully accomplish the reading exercise. Typically, this second session will occur five to seven days after session one.

Third Session - Conclusion

During the third session, about one week after session two, we will review the reading method to ensure your child is progressing. We will then show them how to write, how to take tests, how to read a computer, how to read music, how to read maps, and how to read numbers in mathematical problems.

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“If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I probably wouldn’t have believed it either, but give it a try. It’s worth your effort!.”
“I was working with a student I had been working with the last two years and nothing had been working, and then it happened pretty immediately, the fluency. It was pretty cool to see!”
“Students who have this opportunity and are able to utilize this program that is set forth, the sky is the limit..”
“It’s a good thing to do this, you can see the words clear and the words won’t flip!”