The Penny Power® System

It’s amazing what you can do with just two pennies! The Penny Power® method was designed by Dr.
George Manilla to help people with Dyslexia and struggling readers to see words more clearly. When the
words become clear, fluency increases almost instantaneously. Initial results show an average of a year’s
growth in the first 3 months!

Reading Vision utilizes a two-part system where struggling readers learn how to do a daily eye exercise known as Penny Power® along
with a reading method that helps them bring the words into focus. The system is designed with “stealth”
involved so that the other students don’t know that something special is occurring.

What began as an eye relaxation technique for Dr. George Manilla has become a life altering experience
for some students in Northern Nevada. Over the past few decades, Dr. Manilla has worked with
students who demonstrate reading problems such as Dyslexia, and has refined a two-step process for
helping these students “see” the words more clearly. He uses a daily eye exercise called “Penny
Power®” along with a reading method that shows students how to focus on words to make them clear
while reading.

Dr. Manilla has provided services in the past through word-of-mouth, but has now decided to expand his
services to schools and students everywhere. He enlisted the services of Joe de Braga, former Director
of Secondary Programs for the Elko County School District in Elko Nevada, and Linda Lindsey, former
reading specialist from Gillette, Wyoming. Together they have created the company, “Reading Vision

In September of the 2012-13 school-year, teachers in Winnemucca, Nevada were trained in Penny
Power® and the reading method. During the first semester the teachers trained 15 students in the
system, and continued with their normal instructional practice. Most of these students were already on
an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Three 2nd grade, five 3rd grade, and seven 4th grade students
participated in the program.

The students were tested during the last two weeks of September using the Developmental Reading
Assessment (DRA). Their combined average DRA level was a 13.2, and when tested again during the 2nd
week of December their DRA level was 18.4. That is almost an entire years’ growth in 3 months! Their
reading words per minute (WPM) accelerated from 52.33 WPM at 95% accuracy in September to 80.07
WPM at 98% accuracy in December. Their reading grade level equivalent through Accelerated Reader
(AR) increased from a 1.5 grade level to a 2.4 grade level.

This type of growth gained in only three months would be considered significant even for a student of
average ability. Keep in mind that these students have shown little or no growth in the past. Many of
them had become frustrated and demonstrated emotional and discipline problems. The teachers and
principal reported that these students’ self-esteem has greatly improved, and there have been almost
no discipline problems with these students so far this school year.

Research shows that each school district has 10 – 17% percent of their students that may
benefit from the Reading Vision system. This is the group of students who cause schools to not make
adequate yearly progress and to be labeled as “Failing”. Thousands of dollars per year are spent
providing reading specialists and instructional aides for these students. Our professionals would like to