The Reading Arc Test was created by Reading Vision LLC to show the concept of how a dyslexic is able to read normally once the reading material is placed in a position that allows their eyes to align correctly. The concept is simple. When you look down your eyes have to rotate inward and converge. When you look up your eyes will rotate outward and diverge. For struggling readers and dyslexics, their eyes don’t align while looking down at material that is placed on the desktop. However, somewhere in the reading arc, the words will become clear and they can read normally. For most dyslexics this in what we call position “C”, which is while holding the book straight  out and level with their eyes. For many, the best position is in position “D”, which is while looking slightly upward. Those that are the worst have to hold their book in position “E”, which is almost looking straight up. Some dyslexics learn to compensate by leaning over their book to look straight down, or slouching in their desk while propping their book up on another book. If they learn how to compensate they can get by. Most however don’t figure this out, and never reach their potential.