Here are two videos created by a parent and her daughter as testimonials to the Reading Vision System.

Click here for Parent Testimonial 

Click here for Daughter Testimonial

The daughter is in 5th grade and was doing very well in school due to her hard work and parent support. However, the parents noticed that she struggled with reading and it took forever each night to complete her homework. She did not like to read and only read the required amount. She did not read for fun. When I first listened to her reading I noticed her struggling.¬† This was in mid December of 2013. At that time I started her on the Penny Power eye exercise and we agreed to meet via FaceTime to demonstrate the rest of the program. With the holidays it was difficult to find time to meet, so we didn’t show her the Reading Method until January 11th. She had been doing her eye exercise daily and was ready to begin the next step. When I tested her she read 135 words per minute with 17 errors. She skipped entire lines of text, fabricated words, and had to re-read to remember what she read. However, she read better than she had back in December, and her parents noted that she had been performing better at school with just doing the eye exercise. I showed her the reading method and could tell that it was working. The change is instant once they can see the words clear. You can hear their fluency and speed increase. She and her parents were very excited. This session was conducted via FaceTime. We met again on January 15th and I gave her a second reading test. This time she read 212 words per minute with no errors! There are many standards out there for reading words per minute. I used the Hasbrouck & Tindal Oral Reading Fluency Data chart for comparison. According to this chart the average 5th grade student at mid year should read 127 words per minute with no errors. The top 10% of 5th grade students by the end of the school year should read 194 words per minute. She read 212. There were other improvements to her reading as well, such as voice inflection and animation. You could hear it in her voice as she read. Now she sees every period, comma, exclamation point, etc. Previously she would just read right past a period with no change in her voice. Now you hear the changes. Her fluency is now obviously improved. Her parents and their daughter are very excited. She is now able to quickly complete her homework and her grades have improved. She read a novel which she hated to do before, and has asked her parents to purchase the series. They gladly complied with this request. I added this post to let people know that even high performing students can benefit from this program. She had learned to compensate enough to get by, and because of her hard work and high intelligence, she was in the gifted program at her school. Now, even the teacher of the gifted program has remarked to the parents about the noticeable difference in her reading.